• Lady Painter Party! March 24th 2024 at Goldfinch Gallery

    Lady Painter Party! March 24th 2024 at Goldfinch Gallery

    I am delighted to announce the return of the Lady Painter Parties now at Goldfinch Gallery! Any kind of lady, any kind of painter, please join us Sunday, March 24th from 1 to 4pm at Goldfinch Gallery (319 N Albany Ave). There will be a slideshow of everyone's work as well as a painting exchange at the end of the event (totally optional, but fun). Please RSVP to me with three images of work for inclusion on the future Lady Painters website and in the slideshow.

  • Solo Exhibition-- Goldfinch Gallery November 2024

    Solo Exhibition-- Goldfinch Gallery November 2024

    I am thrilled to share this. November 2024 I will have a solo show with Goldfinch Gallery. More soon.

  • Paintings via Goldfinch Gallery via Platform via Untitled Art Fair

    Paintings via Goldfinch Gallery via Platform via Untitled Art Fair

    This Miami Art Week, Platform is partnering with Untitled Art to present a special selection of artworks available on Platform starting December 1, 2024 and on view in Untitled’s digital exhibitions - click here to view the virtual booth

    also on Platform

  • Unearth-- January 20th-- March 10th, 2024

    Unearth-- January 20th-- March 10th, 2024

    I will have some work in Unearth, at the Cleve Carney Museum from January 20 through March 10, 2024.

  • South Shore Arts-- January 19 – March 16, 2024

    South Shore Arts-- January 19 – March 16, 2024

    I will have some paintings in a group show titled Neighbors at South Shore Arts, curated by the wonderful Linda Dorman and Tom Torluemke.

    January 19 – March 16, 2024

  • Platform-- May 2023

    Platform-- May 2023

    I have four paintings available through Platform for the month of May.

  • A Flatfiles Show-- Goldfinch Gallery

    A Flatfiles Show-- Goldfinch Gallery

    A Flatfiles Show’ opens Sunday March 5th, 2023 from 2-5pm —this is one of the rare occasions when Goldfinch Gallery takes work out of the Flatfiles and displays it on the walls.

    Goldfinch Gallery Chicago

  • New American Paintings-- Autumn 2022

    New American Paintings-- Autumn 2022

    I am in the Midwest issue #161 of New American Paintings

  • TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/6-12)

    TOP V. WEEKEND PICKS (10/6-12)

    Thank you Bad At Sports for naming At Home as a Top Five Weekend Pick!

  • At Home: October 8th to December 4th 2022

    At Home: October 8th to December 4th 2022

    At Home: featuring Cindy Bernhard, Ellen Greene, Ann Toebbe, and Gwendolyn Zabicki at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art

    October 8th to December 4th 2022

  • Vision 20/20 at White Columns, New York NY

    Vision 20/20 at White Columns, New York NY

    I am honored to be included in ‘Vision 20/20’, curated by Marcelle G. Yhap at White Columns

    September 14–October 16, 2021

  • Group show at Martha's Contemporary in Austin, TX October 2021

    Group show at Martha's Contemporary in Austin, TX October 2021

    I have a very dear painting in a group show at Martha's Contemporary, opening October 1st. It is a fundraiser to help Texas women seeking access to safe abortion. Please help if you can!

  • Anastasia Tinari Projects

    Anastasia Tinari Projects

    I have three paintings included in a group show at Anastasia Tinari Projects. Go check out the back room.

    JULY 16 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2021



  • Goldfinch Gallery Flatfiles

    Goldfinch Gallery Flatfiles

    Three paintings of mine are now included in the Goldfinch Gallery Flatfiles, which means you can go see them and/or buy them any time you like. Make an appointment to see them in person or view them online here

  • Fête Galante

     Fête Galante

    I've curated a beautiful show titled Fete Galante. It runs Saturday, September 19th to October 25th 2020 at Heaven Gallery in Chicago featuring paintings by:

    Elise Ansel
    Karen Azarnia
    Aglae Bassens
    Katarina Janeckova
    Aubrey Levinthal
    Tess Michalik
    Kelly Neibert
    Melissa Murray
    Sophie Treppendahl
    Greta Waller
    Laura Wetter

    Preview the exhibition catalog HERE

    Read a wonderful review in the Reader HERE

    And a review in New City by the esteemed Lori Waxman HERE

  • In A Room With Many Windows

    In A Room With Many Windows

    In A Room With Many Windows will travel to Victorian House Gallery, running Sept 8th to October 8th, 2020.

  • Stuck in the Studio, The Cleve Carney Museum of Art-- May 2021

    A studio visit and a pandemic project for the students at the College of DuPage.

  • Breakout Artists 2020: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers

    Breakout Artists 2020: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers
  • In A Room With Many Windows-- Reviewed in The Reader March 2020

    In A Room With Many Windows-- Reviewed in The Reader March 2020

    Motherhood Changes You-- And Your Art by S. Nicole Lane

    A very thoughtful review by S. Nicole Lane

  • In A Room With Many Windows-- On Bad At Sports

    In A Room With Many Windows-- On Bad At Sports

    Bad At Sports listed In A Room With Many Windows as one of the top five shows to see this weekend. Thanks BAS!


  • In A Room With Many Windows-- January 31st - March 8th 2020

    In A Room With Many Windows-- January 31st - March 8th 2020

    I have a solo show coming soon at Heaven Gallery
    January 31st - March 8th 2020
    Opening reception: January 31st 7pm- 11pm
    Artist talk: February 16th 12pm

    In A Room With Many Windows
    After becoming a mother, my relationship to time changed and warped. I am awake more hours than I used to be and am busier than before. Yet, there is also a lot of downtime in my day when I am feeding or holding my sleepy daughter. It is during these times that I am alone with my thoughts. Those brief, flickering thoughts that come and go so quickly between so many other things have become the subject of my new work. Sam Anderson wrote, “How many fleeting associations combine to make up a life? How many rusty pipes do we mistake for owls? A vast majority of our waking hours are filled not with witty jokes or brilliant thoughts or epic feelings but with tiny, private mind-motions — thoughts that are hardly even thoughts at all, that don’t rise to the level of sharing with another human being. That millisecond when — again and again — a rusty pipe looks like an owl, or a newscaster’s voice reminds you of a long-gone uncle, or a daily routine sets off a small chain of involuntary associations. These things are almost nothing, and yet they are who we are.” These uncatchable, ghostly thoughts are almost impossible to notice and then adequately describe-- a kind man who held the door for me and my bulky stroller; the perfect shadows of two curators on a wall; a rainy flight home; that gray lady on a smoke break, seen over a decade ago, blending in with three gray columns; startling myself awake from a nap because I thought I was falling. The act of painting these fleeting thoughts is an attempt to capture a nearly invisible but very large part of being alive.

  • Slowly, With Care-- January 29 - March 6, 2020

    Slowly, With Care-- January 29 - March 6, 2020

    O'Connor Art Gallery at Dominican University

    Slowly, With Care

    Joanne Aono, Sherri Denault, Holly Holmes, Kate Ingold, Jeffly Gabriela Molina, Gwendolyn Zabicki
    Curated by Karen Azarnia

    January 29 - March 6, 2020
    Opening reception: Wednesday, January 29, 4 - 7pm, artist talk at 4:30pm

    The artists in Slowly, With Care deal with notions of slowness, caregiving and meditation. Empathy and tenderness permeate the work. With attention to craftsmanship achieved through a dedication to meticulous labor, the work is made slowly, by hand, with care. Nostalgia, longing, loss, domestic labor, relationships, motherhood, meditation, and the history of craft are among some of the themes addressed. A range of materials are incorporated, including traditional oil painting, ceramics, sculpture, sewing, and fiber-based installation. Questions this show hopes to raise include how have we arrived at a socio-political moment in which tenderness has become radicalized? How can we collectively develop strategies to slow down, be present, and take time to care for one another?

  • Artist talk-- October 20th, 2019

    Artist talk-- October 20th, 2019

    Join me Sunday, October 20th for an artist talk at 3pm at Extra Projects

    It will be the last day to see Modern Topologies curated by Kristina Daignault

  • Artist talk-- September 14th, 2019

    Artist talk-- September 14th, 2019

    I have some paintings in Knows No Bounds at Heaven Gallery. The artist talk is Saturday September 14th at 1pm. The show runs until October 20th.

  • On Anxiety

    If you missed the show, here is a quick, danced based tour of it:

    Curator's dance

  • On Anxiety-- Artist Talk October 6th 2018 with Scott Hunter

    Please join me on Saturday, October 6, for a discussion about painting and anxiety with Dr. Scott Hunter the Director of Neuropsychology in the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and Pediatrics at the University of Chicago.

    In addition to his work in the area of Psychiatry Dr. Hunter is a contemporary art collector and expert on contemporary painting. He will be leading a group discussion about the paintings in the Cleve Carney Art Gallery's current exhibition "On Anxiety".

    This event is free and open to the public. The talk begins at 1pm.

    Cleve Carney Art Gallery
    425 Fawell Blvd, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60137

    more details here

  • Windows, Doors, and Mirrors closing dance party

    If you missed the closing for Windows, Doors, and Mirrors at Roman Susan Gallery you can watch the highlights of the dance party here.

  • Windows, Doors, and Mirrors in the Chicago Reader

    Windows, Doors, and Mirrors in the Chicago Reader
  • On Anxiety in the Chicago Tribune

    On Anxiety in the Chicago Tribune
  • On Anxiety interview

  • On Anxiety-- August-October 2018

    On Anxiety-- August-October 2018

    I've curated a show at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art at the College of DuPage titled "On Anxiety."

    AUGUST 31 - OCTOBER 13, 2018

    Reception: Saturday September 8, 3 to 5 p.m.
    Curator Talk: Monday, September 10, noon to 1 p.m.
    Artist Talk Moderated by Scott Hunter: Saturday October 6, 1 p.m.

    Featuring work by: Matthew Bollinger, Alexander Bradley Cohen, Jennifer Dierdorf, Ethan Gill, Justin John Greene, Mika Horibuchi, Hai-Hsin Huang, Ben Murray, Veronika Pausova, Celeste Rapone and Brandi Twilley.

    The Cleve Carney Museum of Art

  • Solo show at Roman Susan-- September 1st

    Solo show at Roman Susan-- September 1st

    I will have some paintings at Roman Susan Gallery September 1st to the 22nd. Opening Saturday, September 1st 6 to 9pm

    Windows, Doors, and Mirrors is the number one pick for the September 1st weekend on Bad At Sports

  • Women Painting Men-- May 2018

    Women Painting Men-- May 2018

    Women Painting Men opens May 20th 3 to 6pm at the Riverside Arts Center, featuring work by Karen Azarnia, Mel Cook, Katie Hammond (Halton) Celeste Rapone, Jessica Stanfill, and me. The show runs until June 23rd.

    Riverside Arts Center

    Women Painting Men was reviewed in the Chicago Tribune!

  • Bad At Sports-- April 2018

    Bad At Sports-- April 2018

    I was interviewed on Bad At Sports. I've wanted to be on that show for years!

    Bad At Sports

  • At Home-- March 12th, 2018

    At Home-- March 12th, 2018

    I have some mirror paintings in a two person exhibition at Carthage College titled, At Home. The show runs March 12th to April 20th, 2018. I am delighted to show my work alongside some excellent paintings by Ann Toebbe

  • What have you got to lose?

    What have you got to lose?

    My paintings will be in an exhibition titled, What Have You Got To Lose? at Slow Gallery along with work from Hyegyeong Choi, Darryl Terrell, and Orkideh Torabi from February 17 to March 17, 2018. Thank you Paul and Jeffery!

    "Many of us end up seeing very little of ourselves reflected in images that claim to represent. For some, we simply belong to groups not looked at, not the center of conversation. For others, there is an enormous gap between the facade that is reproduced and the version of us that is purportedly witnessed.

    One of the ubiquitous approaches is to speak for oneself. To represent. After all, I know my own story better than anyone.

    "What do I have to lose?" A question designed to feel supportive, whether or not it bolsters anyone. To spur in a worthy endeavor. But it shifts when put upon me from another. "What have you got to lose?"

    There is actually tremendous vulnerability in making oneself visible, the center of focused observation. The question demeans, assumes that whatever it is you may hope to protect is somehow less than, unworthy. It diminishes whatever efforts are projected, as if the the effort demanded is somehow less than what I have to gain. Assumes my gains, however measured, are sufficient for someone such as I am. Despite vulnerability, these are artists who seek to reflect what is often left unseen."

  • Nothing Is Ours But Time

    Nothing Is Ours But Time

    I'm curating a show titled Nothing Is Ours But Time. It opens February 9th, 2018 at the Ukrainian Museum of Modern Art.

    Opening reception: February 9th, 6pm
    Show runs February 9th - March 25th, 2018

    Featuring artists Melody Saraniti, Erin Washington, Matthew Metzger, Christine Han, Selina Trepp, Daniel Schmid, Jenn Dierdorf, Mel Cook, Karen Azarnia

    Image: Melody Saraniti, it never really lands, 2018

    How many times have you been unable to sleep at night thinking about all the things left to do? Going over what you were able to accomplish and what tasks were postponed and how much time was wasted on chores, commuting, and procrastination. How many of us have compared our success to that of our friends and felt panic, jealousy, and dread?

    Almost 2000 years ago, Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca wrote letters to his friend Lucilius Junior warning him that "while we are postponing, life speeds by." There is some comfort in knowing that even brilliant philosophers of ancient Rome suffered the anxieties of daily life. However, in his letter, Seneca reminds his friend that "nothing is ours except time."

    The act of painting is an attempt to capture a moment, to preserve a gesture or an image in a suspension of pigment and oil. The artists in this exhibition use painting as a way to mark time and to contain it. Their work is focused on capturing fleeting everyday moments. Selina Trepp uses and reuses only the materials currently present in her studio to make work. Ultimately, she will leave behind little more than digital images for her descendants to contend with. Mel Cook is a modern-day Vanitas painter, reminding the viewer of his or her own mortality. Through painting she responds to inequity and death with uncorked anger. Karen Azarnia's triptych of paintings documents a handprint on a window that disappeared over the course of an afternoon drive. Erin Washington maintains no illusions that her work will serve as a lasting legacy after she is gone. Her drawings and paintings, done in chalk and fugitive pigments, are designed to fade, smudge, and fall apart. Time still slips through our fingers, but every moment spent in an act of creation is one that we can count as ours.

    -Gwendolyn Zabicki, 2018

    From Seneca, Volume IV, Epistles 1-65, Harvard University Press:
    Greetings from Seneca to Lucilius

    Continue to act thus, my dear Lucilius—set yourself free for your own sake; gather and save your time, which until lately has been forced from you, or filched away, or has merely slipped from your hands. Make yourself believe the truth of my words—that certain moments are torn from us, that some are gently removed, and that others glide beyond our reach. The most disgraceful kind of loss, however, is that due to carelessness. Furthermore, if you will pay close heed to the problem, you will find that the largest portion of our life passes while we are doing ill, a goodly share while we are doing nothing, and the whole while we are doing that which is not to the purpose. What man can you show me who places any value on his time, who reckons the worth of each day, who understands that he is dying daily? For we are mistaken when we look forward to death; the major portion of death has already passed. Whatever years lie behind us are in death's hands.

    Therefore, Lucilius, do as you write me that you are doing: hold every hour in your grasp. Lay hold of today's task, and you will not need to depend so much upon tomorrow's. While we are postponing, life speeds by. Nothing, Lucilius, is ours, except time. We were entrusted by nature with the ownership of this single thing, so fleeting and slippery that anyone who will can oust us from possession. What fools these mortals be! They allow the cheapest and most useless things, which can easily be replaced, to be charged in the reckoning, after they have acquired them; but they never regard themselves as in debt when they have received some of that precious commodity—time! And yet time is the one loan which even a grateful recipient cannot repay.

    You may desire to know how I, who preach to you so freely, am practising. I confess frankly: my expense account balances, as you would expect from one who is free-handed but careful. I cannot boast that I waste nothing, but I can at least tell you what I am wasting, and the cause and manner of the loss; I can give you the reasons why I am a poor man. My situation, however, is the same as that of many who are reduced to slender means through no fault of their own: every one forgives them, but no one comes to their rescue.

    What is the state of things, then? It is this: I do not regard a man as poor, if the little which remains is enough for him. I advise you, however, to keep what is really yours; and you cannot begin too early. For, as our ancestors believed, it is too late to despair when you reach the dregs of the cask. Of that which remains at the bottom, the amount is slight, and the quality is vile. Farewell.

  • Chicago Magazine-- September 2017

    Chicago Magazine-- September 2017

    I am lovingly referred to as a "rising star" in this Chicago Magazine article.

  • Not Knowing-- September 2017

    Not Knowing-- September 2017

    I curated a show titled Not Knowing at Heaven Gallery which runs September 1st to October 14th. 2017.

    With work by Claire Ashley, Karen Azarnia, Clarissa Bonet, Robin Dluzen, Dan Devening, Andreas Fischer, Celeste Rapone, Melody Saraniti, Ann Toebbe, and Noah Vaughn

    It was chosen by Bad At Sports as their number 1 weekend pick!

  • Artist in Residence

    Artist in Residence

    I'm an artist in residence at the Hyde Park Art Center until May 2017. Thanks HPAC!

  • Field Notes Mural-- October 2016

    I painted a mural for Field Notes/Coudal Partners in October and they made this very fancy video about it. Thanks, coudal.com

  • Interview with Kyle Staver for Figure/Ground October 2016

    Interview with Kyle Staver for Figure/Ground October 2016

    Kyle Staver is one of my painting heroes. It was an honor to interview her for Figure/Ground

    Read it here: Figure/Ground

  • New Business-- group show August 2016

    New Business-- group show August 2016

    I have some paintings in a group show titled, New Business, at the Hyde Park Art Center until October 2016.

  • Interview with Eleanor Ray on Figure/Ground-- April 2016

    Interview with Eleanor Ray on Figure/Ground-- April 2016

    My interview with painter Eleanor Ray is now on figureground/org. It was such a pleasure to talk to her about her incredible body of work. You can read the whole thing here:



  • Conversation with Gina Beavers February 2016

    Conversation with Gina Beavers February 2016

    I interviewed Gina Beavers, one of my favorite painters, for figureground.org You can read it here:


    painters table

  • Interview with Matthew Metzger-- December 2015

    Interview with Matthew Metzger-- December 2015

    I interviewed painter Matthew Metzger for Figure/Ground. You can read our conversation here: figureground.org

    or here:


  • What is Painting? December 2015

    I answered the question, "What is Painting?" for neotericart.com

    Thanks Norbert Marszalek!

  • Sol LeWitt at the Art Institute of Chicago-- Nov. 2015

    Sol LeWitt at the Art Institute of Chicago-- Nov. 2015

    For the month of November, I will be working on Sol LeWitt's wall drawing #63 at the Art Institute of Chicago. It is on the second floor of the Modern Wing, near the stairs. Come visit me (Monday through Saturday) and we'll have lunch.

    Here is a piece I wrote about the experience: Sol LeWitt drawing at the Art Institute of Chicago

  • Spudnik Press Cooperative 2015 Annual Benefit

    September 26th, 2015 6-10pm. Tickets are $15- $250.

    A fundraiser for Spudnik Press, 1821 W. Hubbard St. Chicago, IL

    Spudnik Press will auction off commissioned monoprints by myself and:

    Carris Adams
    Claire Ashley
    Karen Azarnia
    Tom Burtonwood
    Adam Farcus
    Dan Gunn
    Deb Handler
    Matthew Hoffman
    Holly Holmes
    Richard Hull
    Sam Jaffe
    Vesna Jovanovic
    Kate McQuillen
    Matt Morris
    Johana Moscoso
    Rachel Niffenegger
    Erik Petersen
    Allison Reimus
    Nathan Vernau
    Alison Yasukawa
    Latham Zearfoss

    Get Tickets Here

  • Hyde Park Art Center group show-- July 2015

    I've got two paintings in a group show titled, "Finding Prospect in Myth." The show opens July 22nd and runs until August 4th. Curated by Natalie Jacobson.

  • Riverside Arts Center-- May 2015

    I will have a solo show at the Riverside Arts Center May 8th to June 13th 2015. The reception will be Friday May 8th from 7 to 9pm.

    Riverside Arts Center

  • 3 Shows Jan-Feb 2015

    I've got a painting in Document, curated by Jessica Cochran, from Jan 16-Feb 26th 2015 at Woman Made Gallery (685 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL)

    A painting at Single, curated by Maria Dimanshtein, this February at Local Project (11-27 44th Rd. Long Island City, Queens, NY)

    And burning a few paintings at Visitation Rites III, curated by Christopher Smith, Valentine's Day at the Franklin (3522 W Franklin Blvd. Chicago, IL)

  • Hyde Park Art Center-- October 2014

    I will have my paintings at the Hyde Park Art Center for the month of October alongside those of Emmett Kerrigan, one of my painting heroes! The show was curated by Melody Saraniti (thanks Melody!)

    Opening September 28th – October 31st
    Reception: October 9th from 6:00- 8:00 pm.

    Muller Meeting Room - 1st floor
    5020 S. Cornell Ave. Chicago, IL

  • Interview with Chicago Gallery News-- July 2014

  • Show at Comfort Station-- July 2014

    I'll be in a group show with Eleanor Ray and Greta Waller titled, Cool and Dark, opening July 11th, 2014.

    Comfort Station, 2579 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

    We were listed in Bad At Sports top 5 weekend picks:

  • Solo show at Morton College-- June 2014

    I'll have some paintings at Morton College in Cicero, IL this summer, June 14th to August 2nd.

    pictures on my blog

  • Lillstreet Lecture Series-- 2014

    I've put together a second year of the Lillstreet Lecture Series. I'm very proud of this year's group! Local emerging and mid-career artists, critics, and curators give 45 minute presentations on their work in the new Lillstreet Loft, located down the street from the art center at 4437 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago IL. This series is free and open to the public.

    2014 Lillstreet Artists Lecture Series Contributors

    Greta Waller-- January 28th, 2014 7pm

    Dmitry Samarov-- February 25th, 2014 7pm

    Dana Bassett-- March 25th, 2014 7pm

    Matthew Woodward-- April 22nd, 2014 7pm

    Nicholas Wylie- May 27th, 2014 7pm

    Mindy Rose Schwartz-- June 24th, 2014 7pm

    Clarissa Bonet-- July 29th, 2014 7pm

    Matthew Groves-- August 26th, 2014 7pm

    Nick Rummler-- September 30th, 2014 7pm

    Robin Dluzen- October 28th, 2014 7pm

    Lillstreet Lecture Series

  • SLAC in action-- February and March 2014

    My non-profit, SLAC, is participating in the Second Floor Rear Festival February 1st from noon to 2pm

    Second Floor Rear 2014 Schedule

    and in the Creative Chicago Expo, March 14th and 15th at the Cultural Center

    Creative Chicago Expo

  • Paintings in Sweden-- February 2014

    SUPERMARKET 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair will be held 14–16 February 2014 on the 3rd and 5th floor of Kulturhuset in central Stockholm.

    Come see me and my work:
    SUPERMARKET 2014 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair

  • UIC Alumni Magazine article-- December 2013

  • Chicago Magazine-- November 2013

    A nice mention by Jason Foumberg:

    Art on Armitage
    12/1–1/1 Gwendolyn Zabicki. With a fondness for stillness that would make the painter Edward Hopper proud, Zabicki captures the unexpected quiet corners of modern life with her oil works. 4125 W Armitage. artonarmitage.com

    Chicago Magazine's The 19 Top Exhibits in Chicago Art Galleries This December

  • Vermont Studio Center-- November 2013

    I'm at a month long residency at the Vermont Studio Center. It is worth doing if you are considering it. Getting things done, meeting lovely people.

    Vermont Studio Center

  • Contemporary Romance-- November 2013

    I put together a new show at Frogman Gallery, Contemporary Romance, featuring work by Amanda Brown, Simone Chagoya, and Stephanie Del Carpio.

    Contemporary Romance

    Opening reception: November 7th, 5pm-8pm

    Frogman Gallery
    23 E. Madison
    Chicago, IL 60602

  • En Route-- North Park University, November 2013

    I have some paintings in a group show at The Carlson Tower Gallery at North Park University.

    The exhibition opens on Wednesday, November 6
    and closes Wednesday, November 27.

    The reception will be on the closing date, November 27th.

  • Isolated Incidents- October 12th 2013

    I will be in a group show, Isolated Incidents, at Chapel Projects in Logan Square. The opening is Saturday, October 12th from 5 to 8pm. Artists include Karen Azarnia, Garrett Baumer, Alice Costas, Paige Fetchen, Heejin Hwang, Joanna Pike, Maria Vergara and Eric Zohn.

  • Bad At Sports September 2013

    A Very nice mention by Dana Bassett of Bad at Sports

    "Woman makes strong case for ladies:
    In case you couldn’t tell, WTT? loves the ladies, and we couldn’t be more excited to see the rest of the art world catching on. One lady show opened up this weekend with two to follow next week at Heaven and at the Frogman Gallery. “Lady Painters” curator, Gwendolyn Zabicki, sent us a hot tip on some required reading by participating artist, Sarah Weber. “Had I written a critical essay for Lady Painters, I would have liked to have written the very excellent one by Sarah Weber for Being a Woman in an All Woman Show.” WTT? couldn’t agree more. You can prep for both of these openings next weekend by reading Weber’s statement now."

  • Lady Painters- September 2013

    I curated a show at Frogman Gallery titled, Lady Painters, featuring work by Karen Azarnia, Angela Bryant, and Melody Saraniti.

    Lady Painters

    Pop Up Art Loop

    Lady Painters was selected as a Five by Five show-to-see on Chicago Artists Resource

    Opening reception: September 12th, 5pm-8pm

    Frogman Gallery
    23 E. Madison
    Chicago, IL 60602

  • Chicago Artists Resource article-- July 2013

  • Frogman Gallery-- "Never A Lovely So Real" July 2013

    I have a new pop-up gallery downtown, which I've named Frogman. This space is mine to curate for the next six months to a year! My second show, Never A Lovely So Real, is opening this Thursday, July 11th (6 to 9pm) with work by Clarissa Bonet (photography), Dmitry Samarov (painting) and Noah Vaughn (photography).

    You can see install photos here: Flickr set

    And a very nice visit from the photographer and writer, Paul Germanos:

  • Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival-- Bad at Sports, July 2013

    I curated a 40 person show in four pop-up galleries for the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival.


    And here are some more images of the show: flickr

  • Bad At Sports-- June 2013

    A nice write-up of SLAC and our pop-up spaces at the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival:


  • Colloquium Magazine- June 2013

    Ben Shurtleff wrote a beautiful article about me, painting, and SLAC for The University of Chicago humanities magazine, Colloquium.

    Conflicts of Space: Envisioning Non-Profit Work as an Aesthetic Medium

  • Lillstreet Lecture Series

    While artist in residence at the Lillstreet Art Center, I put together an emerging artist lecture series. Daniel Shea (February) and Alex Chitty (March) were great. Don't miss the final three:

    Lillstreet Emerging Artists Lecture Series

  • Monuments and Ruins- June 2013

    I'll be in a group show with Jeff Prokash, Morgan Sims, and Nathan Vernau.

    Opening reception Thursday, June 6th, 5-9pm at Frogman- my very own pop up gallery located inside Block 37, 108 N State St, Ground Floor, Chicago, IL

    Check out some photos of the opening here: Frogman Blog

  • February 2013

    Alderman Rey Colon has partnered with me and SLAC. Mentioned in the 35th ward newsletter: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/l9gz2yki0a6…

  • An interview on Chicagoist-- February 2013

    A very nice article about my paintings and SLAC

  • DNA info article on SLAC-- January 2013

    My not-for-profit, The South Logan Arts Coalition (SLAC) is getting some press:

  • Another SLAC mention-- February 2013

    SLAC is part of a trend now:

  • SAIC mention-- February 2013

  • Logansquarist Article about SLAC-- February 2013

  • Columbia Chronicle article about SLAC -- February 2013

  • What A Long Night It Has Been- Group show

    Gallery 214, Visual Arts Building at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL.

    Show dates October 15-19. Reception October 18th, 6-9pm.

  • Diorama-Rama, Friday September 7th, 2012

    Come check out my diorama.

    Miniature sculptural worlds from 50 Chicago artists for the Octagon Gallery's first Friday event.

    Octagon Gallery
    120 North Green St.
    Unit 3B

    7 to 10pm

  • Rogers Park Mural- August 2012

    I was selected to paint a mural in one of Rogers Park's CTA and Metra Station underpasses.

    check it out here:

    49th Ward

  • The Dragon is the Frame: June 29 - August 11, 2012

    Gallery 400, 400 S. Peoria St. Chicago, IL

    Opening Reception: Friday, June 29, 5 - 8pm

    Artwork from 27 artists inspired by the life and work of the indomitable Mark Aguhar (1987-2012) is presented alongside pieces by this fearless and beautiful artist/activist/goddess. Uncompromising, incisive, and charismatic in her investigations of gender, queer advocacy, and the politics of marginalized identity, Mark deeply transformed the communities of which she was a part. The Dragon is the Frame presents the challenging, compelling artwork she created in dialogue with pieces made by those she was closest to in Chicago. The exhibition format, which intersperses Mark’s works throughout the installation, is an attempt at capturing the way Mark’s communities functioned—individuals in constant communication, always sharing and influencing one another.

    Artists: Mark Aguhar, Claire Arctander, Nina Barnett, Jeremy Bolen, Elijah Burgher, Edie Fake, Pamela Fraser, Tiffany Funk, R. E. H. Gordon, Steve Hnilicka, Kasia Houlihan, Mark Kent, Young Joon Kwak, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Marianna Milhorat, Tim Nickodemus, Aay Preston-Myint, Juana Peralta, Macon Reed, Colin Self, Michael Sirianni, Nathan Thomas, Neal Vandenbergh, Xina Xurner and Isaac Fosl-van Wyke, Allison Yasukawa, Gwendolyn Zabicki, and Latham Zearfoss

  • Lillstreet Artist in Residence

    I will be the new painting and drawing artist in residence at the Lill Street Art Center from August 2012 to August 2013. I get a studio, free classes, and a stipend.

  • Rainbo Club- July 2012

    Some of my paintings will be at Rainbo Club until the end of July. Go check 'em out if you're in Chicago around Damen and Division.

  • Vermont Studio Center- 2012

    I was awarded a month long residency at the Vermont Studio Center.

    High five!

  • Solo Show at Offwhite

    Coming in June.

    Details soon.

  • Group show at Offwhite


    Come by and have a beer on May 18th, anytime from 8pm-Midnight.

    Ground Teeth @ Offwhite
    An exhibition about anxiety.
    Opening party on 5/18 from 8pm-Midnight.
    By appointment from 5/19-5/20

    Featuring the following artists:
    Coalfather www.coalfather.com/
    Gabriel Garcia gabrielgarciaart.com/home.html
    Jane Georges www.facebook.com/pages/Jane-Georges-Art…
    Jennifer Hines jenniferhines.net/
    Kristen Kaniewski k2-girlface.blogspot.com/
    Colin Page
    Kate Rosendale katerosendale.com/index.html
    Jonathan Sommer jonathansommer.weebly.com/
    Danny Volk dannyvolk.com/
    Gwendolyn Zabicki gwendolynzabicki.com/home.html

  • Out and About

    My painting, Double Billboards, was used (with permission) on:


  • Look At Me: 2012 UIC MFA Thesis Exhibition

    Look At Me: 2012 UIC MFA Thesis Exhibition at Gallery400, will be on show from Tuesday March 13th through Saturday March 17th. Reception will be Friday, March 16th from 5 to 8pm.

    Exhibiting Artists: Mary Helena Clark, Tiffany Funk, Anthony Koerner, Nicholas Rummler, and Gwendolyn Zabicki

    An artist talk will take place Saturday March 17th at 2pm in the Gallery400 Screening room.

  • Final critiques

    UIC MFA Fall 2011 Final Critiques Open to the Public

    The UIC MFA Fall 2011 Final Critiques take place from December 5th-9th 2011 and are free and open to the public. All students and faculty will be present to showcase and discuss work from the current semester. Come watch things get REAL!

    All locations in Art & Design Hall, 400 S. Peoria St., are abbreviated as follows:
    GS Great Space, room 530
    SG South Gallery, room 560 (within Great Space)
    NG North Gallery, room 570 (within Great Space)
    GBU Student Gallery, room 510
    SR Screening Room, room 3226

    Monday Dec. 5
    Guest Critic: Nicolas Collins
    9:00 Courtney Prokopas (SG)
    9:45 Lauren Anderson (GS)
    10:45 Tina Tahir (GBU and 3104 ADH)
    11:30 Mark Kent (GS)
    Lunch 12:15 - 1:15
    1:15 Paul Cowan (SG)
    2:00 Kera MacKenzie (GBU)
    3:00 Ben Keddy (CVRA A&A 845 W. Harrison Rm. 3304)

    Tuesday Dec. 6th
    Guest Critic: Kelly Kaczynski
    9:00 Daniel Bennett (SG)
    9:45 Ben Murray (GS)
    10:45 Anthony Koerner (NG)
    11:30 Cameron Gibson (SR)
    Lunch 12:15 - 1:15
    1:15 Nina Barnett (SG)
    2:00 Brendan Meara (GBU)
    3:00 Tiffany Funk (NG)
    3:45 Mark Aguhar (SG)

    Wednesday Dec. 7th
    Guest Critic: Natasha Egan
    9:00 Daniel Shea (SG)
    9:45 Jeremy Bolen (NG)
    10:45 Josh Albers (GBU)
    11:30 Mary-Helena Clark (SR)
    Lunch 12:15 - 1:15
    1:15 Lauren Edwards (SG)
    2:00 Alex Rauch (4th floor crit space)
    3:00 Ian Curry (SR)

    Thursday Dec. 8th
    Guest Critic: Jonathan Rosenbaum
    9:00 Jesus Duran (SG)
    9:45 Macon Reed (SR)
    10:45 Daniel Tucker (SR)
    11:30 Drew Mausert-Mooney (SR)
    Lunch 12:15 - 1:15
    1:15 Marianna Milhorat (SR)
    2:00 Nick Rummler (NG)
    3:00 Sebastian Aguirre (GBU)

    Friday Dec. 9th
    Guest Critic: Naomi Beckwith
    9:00 Chaz Evans (SG)
    9:45 Jon Chambers (GBU)
    10:45 Neal Vandenbergh (NG-GS)
    11:30 Andrew Reinke (GBU)
    Lunch 12:15 - 1:15
    1:15 Gwen Zabicki (GS)
    2:00 Lilianna Angulo (GS)
    3:00 Kasia Houlihan (NG-SG)

  • Art Log write up- July 2011

    My two person show at Robert Bills Contemporary got a very nice write up on Artlog.com

    www.artlog.com/posts/147-the-exceptiona… Art Log

  • Robert Bills Contemporary - July 2011

    My paintings will be in a two person show at Robert Bills Contemporary on July 8th, 2011 to August 2nd.

    www.robertbillscontemporary.com/exhibit… The Exceptional Ordinary

  • Rainbo Club- May 2011

    Some of my paintings will be at the Rainbo Club until the end of May. Go check 'em out if you're in Chicago around Damen and Division.

  • Finalist, April 5, 2011

    I'm a finalist for the 2011 Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Visual Arts Competition.


  • Tasty Spoonful, March 3rd, 2011

    Boy am I fancy! I was interviewed for Tasty Spoonful!

    Tasty Spoonful

  • Hagia Sophia News

    April 16th, 2010

    Thanks to the ladies of Spoke Gallery, my Hagia Sophia piece got lots of attention.

    onthemake.org/2010/04/17/gwendolyn-zabi… onthemake.org

    www.artslant.com/chi/events/show/100805… artslant.com

    chicagoartreview.com/2010/04/15/weekend… chicagoartreview.com

    chicagoartmagazine.com/2010/04/cam-week… chicagoartmagazine.com

    badatsports.com/tags/gwendolyn-zabicki/ badatsports.com

    chicago.timeout.com/events/events/33369… chicago.timeout.com

  • Hagia Sophia at Spoke Gallery

    April 11th to April 17th
    Closing Reception: Saturday, April 17th, 6 to 9pm (free drinks!)
    Hours: By appointment, contact spokechicago@gmail.com

    The Hagia Sophia basilica, in Istanbul, Turkey, is famous for its history, beautiful dome, and the mystical quality of light that reflects inside of it. Built in 330AD, it withstood no fewer than 17 sieges between the time it was founded and 1204 when it finally fell to the Christians of the west (the Normans). In its long history, the Hagia Sophia has been home to Pagans, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, and is currently a museum.

    Saturday, April 17th from 6 to 9pm, Spoke will be home to a miniature version of the Hagia Sophia. Complete with gold dome, marble floors, and 168 windows, this recreation is just big enough to seat one adult inside. Hear about its colorful history, and enjoy the warm golden light of seasonal affective disorder therapeutic lamps housed inside its walls.

    This project is supported by a Community Arts Assistance Program grant from the
    City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Illinois Arts
    Council, a state agency.

    at SPOKE
    119 N Peoria #3D
    Chicago, IL 60607

  • Chicago Artists Month Kickoff Exhibition October 1st, 2010

    Chicago Artists Month launches this Friday, October 1st, from 6pm to 10pm with an exhibition organized by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, the Chicago Arts District and Gapers Block. The exhibition will also be open from noon to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday. Visit it at the Chicago Arts District space at 2003 S. Halsted Street.

  • Hagia Sophia in GLOW November 24th- February 14th, 2010.

    The Hagia Sophia was just accepted into the GLOW show at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden in Maryland! Yay! Anybody want to help me drive out there and install it?


    Annmarie Garden is a thirty acre sculpture park and arts center located in scenic Solomons, Maryland. Enjoy an exquisite collection of outdoor sculpture, much of it on loan from the Smithsonian Institution.

  • Girls On the Wall!

    October 2009

    Girls On the Wall is having its premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival. It is a documentary about girls in prison who decide to put on a musical. I was the run-and-gun sound mixer for this film when it was shot about five years ago. It was my first job out of art school and now it's finally done and ready to be seen by the world. I will be at both screenings. Here's the info:

    Girls on the Wall:
    Sunday, October 11 at 1:30pm
    Friday, October 16 at 3:30pm

    Location: AMC River East 21, 322 East Illinois Street.

    You can buy tickets at the theater or in advance here:


    The film will go on to screen at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (dates forthcoming).

    And in January 2010, GOTW will make its broadcast premiere on PBS! Air dates to be announced in December.

    There is also a snazzy new trailer! Enjoy it on YouTube here:


    Roger Ebert gives Heather's film a shout-out in his preview of the festival! rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/a…

    GIRLS ON THE WALL follows a group of incarcerated teenage girls who get a shot at redemption in a most unlikely form: a musical. As the girls write and stage their play, they're forced to relive their crimes, reclaim their stories, and take a first step toward breaking free of the prison system.

  • CAAP grant! April 2009

    I won a CAAP grant! I'm going to use the money to buy super toxic oil paints hand ground by a guy in Brooklyn. Yay!

  • 12th International Art Open

    My Hagia Sophia is in the 12th International Art Open at the Women Made Gallery in Chicago, IL from March 6 - April 16, 2009.

    Woman Made Gallery
    685 N. Milwaukee Ave.
    Chicago, Illinois 60642

    Women Made Gallery

  • New York Times December 29th, 2008

    That Art on Track show I was in and its creator were mentioned in the New York Times!

    Read it here

  • Chicago Art Open October 2008

    One of my paintings is going to be at the Chicago Art Open at the Merchandise Mart October 3rd-19th.


  • Art On Track August 2008

    On August 30th, I was in Art On Track, an 8 car CTA train converted into a mobile gallery.